So far, so good!

March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

We’ve been blessed with snow and freezing temperatures (which is a very good thing for flooding..much better than warmer air and rain).  The barn seems to be taking everything in stride.

My commute home now entails some tight fits around this guy.

Our yard/lake across from the newly closed road is attracting a little wildlife, too.

And best of all…we’ve almost hit the crest, we’re still living in the house, and the basement’s still dry!

Live with what you love…

March 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

…and in our case; what you love, move upstairs.

I had hoped to start writing on here more often.  Nature seems to be interrupting that plan.  Once again, it seems we will be evacuating within a few days, when river will have flooded our basement 4+ feet a water.  Since our furnace, water heater and such will all be out of commission, we’re looking for someplace else to stay for awhile.  I’m in the process of moving furniture to the second floor because there’s a chance the water may reach the first floor (record flooding predicted). And since flood insurance does not cover the extra expense of housing, hopefully we’ll find someplace extremely cheap and open to a 100-pound lab.

Here’s my little angel with Nick last year when we had to evacuate by boat (we have horrible luck — 3 record setting floods in one year).  Wish us luck…and no rain!

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