stress release

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I think I’ve realized that when I become stressed, I feel a strong need to makes something.  This has proven disasterous for the state of the living room, but I could have worse habits, right? Last night’s project — another pillow.  And before it appears that my sewing skills have vastly improved, I should clarify that this one is made from three vintage quilt blocks bought from Sticks and Stones for $1 each.  So, the stright, tiny pieces were done by someone else.  The simple, crooked stuff was done by yours truly.  🙂

good byes

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Grandma, 1927-2012

new york 1983

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new pillow

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For Christmas, an aunt game me a bag full of old doilies that had been brought out of the family house in Connecticut.  They’re now slowly making a comeback on the front of linen pillow covers.  And I’m slowly making sense of the sewing machine.  And there was no blood shed during the making of this cover.  That’s a first for me.

snowy january saturday

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virginia beach

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After unwrapping a few last Christmas, I headed off to Virginia Beach to say a good bye. In such heartrending places, it’s so moving to see and meet so many generous and caring people – both strangers and friends.

And of course, it’s always a blessing to return home to this guy:

winter wardrobe prep

January 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

To better deal with this:

I went and bought this knit sweater hood:

I’m afraid I’m starting to resemble a Babushka, but maybe that’s a good thing up here.

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