new bridge in town

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A grueling, hilly mile and a half from home:

mid summer flowers

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Please note the 6′ tall weed behind the Phlox.  🙂

a quick trip home

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Lesson Learned

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Paint stripping is just about the worst home improvement project that one can take on.  It’s awful.  After 14 months, I only have one kitchen door done.  Out of four.  Yikes.

You can make out the door to the basement here.  It’s the open door with the brown paint.

And after hours and hours of labor, and gallons and gallon of Citristrip:

I cannot emphasize enough how un-fun this project is.  Not even wine helps, as the Citristrip smell ruins the wine taste.  And to top things off…please note the two fans in the photo.  As the 100+ degree weather hit, we discovered our air conditioner was not working and irrepairable.  Thousands of dollars later, our air is cool, but our kitchen redo is now a far off dream.


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